Womens World Cup – Fixtures and Results

Womens World Cup – Fixtures and Results

It’s not Non League but it’s on right now so we may as well keep up with it.

Fifa Women’s World Cup groups
Group A: France, South Korea, Norway, Nigeria
Group B: Germany, China, Spain, South Africa
Group C: Australia, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica
Group D: England, Scotland, Argentina, Japan
Group E: Canada, Cameroon, New Zealand, Netherlands
Group F: USA, Thailand, Chile, Sweden

Friday, 7 June

France 4-0 South Korea

Saturday, 8 June

Germany 1-0 China

Spain 3-1 South Africa

Norway 3-0 Nigeria

Sunday, 9 June

Australia 1-2 Italy

Brazil 3-0 Jamaica

England 2-1 Scotland

Monday, 10 June

Argentina 0-0 Japan

Canada 1-0 Cameroon

Tuesday, 11 June

New Zealand 0-1 Netherlands

Chile 0-2 Sweden

USA 13-0 Thailand

Wednesday 12 June

Nigeria 2-0 South Korea,

Germany 1-0 Spain,

France 2-1 Norway,

Thursday, 13 June

Australia 3-2 Brazil

South Africa 0-1 China, 20:00

Friday, 14 June

Japan 2-1 Scotland

Jamaica 0-5 Italy

England 1-0 Argentina

Saturday, 15 June

Netherlands 3-1 Cameroon

Canada 2-0 New Zealand

Sunday, 16 June

Sweden 5-1 Thailand

USA 3-0 Chile

Monday, 17 June

China v Spain, 17:00

South Africa v Germany, 17:00

Nigeria v France, 20:00

South Korea v Norway, 20:00

Tuesday, 18 June

Jamaica v Australia, 20:00

Italy v Brazil, 20:00

Wednesday, 19 June

Japan v England, 20:00

Scotland v Argentina, 20:00

Thursday, 20 June

Cameroon v New Zealand, 17:00

Netherlands v Canada, 17:00

Sweden v USA, 20:00

Thailand v Chile, 20:00

Saturday, 22 June – Round of 16

Group B winner v third place Group A/C/D, 16:30

Group A runner-up v Group C runner-up, 20:00

Sunday, 23 June

Group D winner v third place Group B/E/F, 16:30

Group A winner v third place Group C/D/E, 20:00

Monday, 24 June

Group B runner-up v Group F winner, 17:00

Group F runner-up v Group E runner-up, 20:00

Tuesday, 25 June

Group C winner v third place A/B/F, 17:00

Group E winner v Group D runner-up, 20:00

Thursday, 27 June – Quarter-finals

R16 winner one v R16 winner three, 20:00

Friday, 28 June

R16 winner four v R16 winner five, 20:00

Saturday, 29 June

R16 winner seven v R16 winner eight, 14:00

R16 winner two v R16 winner six, 17:30

Tuesday, 2 July – Semi-finals

QF winner one v QF winner two, 20:00

Wednesday, 3 July

QF winner three v QF winner four, 20:00

Saturday, 6 July – Third-place play-off

SF one loser v SF two loser 16:00

Sunday, 7 July – Final

SF one winner v SF two winner, 16:00, Lyon, BBC One

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