About Us

I spent a lot of my youth around Non-League grounds but work and a growing family entered my life as I grew older and I found less time for it. Fortunately I made a visit back to Park View Road with my kids and quickly got addicted again. So did my boys. We spent a few seasons watching Welling United and other local sides but realised we wanted more. Many of other local sides were poorly represented on social media and their websites were generally poor so I couldn’t get the info I needed for this growing addiction. I decided to start writing Match Reviews and previews thinking it would help out 10 or 20 people that had the same love of the local game like me but was surprised to get a bigger response than expected. From that this website rose from the ashes and I got to document my travels and any thing else I felt useful for like-minded people. Feedback was great and some people I highly respect were regularly in touch offering support and encouragement. From that the offer to run the SCEFL website was there and I took it to give me a bigger platform to share my passion. That takes up a fair bit of my spare time so this site plays second fiddle now. I also now help out some local clubs with their content for Social Media, websites and programmes and provide content for many others. It is great to try and promote this game to as many people as possible. The way people view look at non League football is changing and I am trying to help clubs adapt to this.

If you feel I could help please get in touch and if not please just enjoy this website and Non League Football in general.


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