B+SLFL – Cup Competitions

A round-up from the Cup competitions for the teams that compete in the Bromley and South London Football Leagues.

Queen Mary Cup
Third Round
0 Junior Reds v Meridian Sports 4
0 Old Roan Res v Tudor Sports Res 2
2 Red Velvet Res v Frazier FC 5
2 Russellers v River Plate 4
7 Eltham Town v Rutland Rgrs 2
5 Kingsdale v Crofton Albion 1
5 Danson Sports v Eden Park Rgrs 3
5 Crayford Arrows Red v Farnboro OBG 4th 0

1 River Plate v Eltham Town 2
5 Meridian Sports v Kingsdale 1
0 Crayford Arrows Red v Tudor Sports Res. 4
4 Frazier FC v Danson Sports 3

2 Eltham Town v Meridian Sports 1
2 Tudor Sports Res. v Frazier FC 1

1 Eltham Town v Tudor Sports Res. 6
Beckenham Town FC 5th May 14:30

Ron Pope Cup
Second Round
2 Centresports v Crofton Albion 1
2 Rutland Rgrs v Farnboro OBG 4th 1
10 Tudor Sports Res v Real Mayo 0
Danson Sports v Lewisham Ath Res HW
2 Crayford Arrows Red v Meridian Sports 3
2 Eden Park Rgrs v Ten Em Bee 5
2 Old Colfeians Green v Kingsdale 8
1 West Brom Albion v EFC 2

11 Centresports v Rutland Rangers 0
Tudor Sports Res v Danson Sports HW
4 EFC v Kingsdale 2
0 Meridian Sports v Ten Em Bee 2

2 Ten Em Bee v EFC 3
1 Centresports v Tudor Sports Res. 2

Tudor Sports Res v EFC
Beckenham Town FC 9th May 19:15

Elizabeth Jacques Cup
Second Round
AW Baldon Sports v Russellers AW
1 Dulwich Village Res v Old Colfeians Blue 10
2Seven Acre Sports v Ground Hoppers 1
AW Croydon BR v KSG Falcons AW
2 Eltham Town Res v Highfield & Welling 1
6 Junior Reds v Farnboro OBG 3rd 3
2 AFC London v Old Roan Res 3
2 Slade Green Knights v Old Brom 3rd 7

2 Russellers v Old Colfe Blue 6
3 Eltham Town Res v Junior Reds 1
2 Old Roan Res v Old Brom 3rd 3
6 Seven Acre v KSG Falcons 5

3 Eltham Town Reserves v Old Bromleians 3rds 1
4 Old Colfeians Blue v Seven Acre Sports 1

Eltham Town Reserves vs Old Colfeians Blue
Saturday 12th May, 14.30 ko at Beckenham Town

Beckenham Hopsitals Charity Cup
Second Round
2 Bexley Res v AFC Bexley 0
0 Old Colfe Blue v Old Broms First 3
Bye v FC Elmstead KCL
3 Ten Em Bee v Welling Park First 1
4 Tudor Sports Res v Crayford Arrows 0
Parkwood Rgrs v Bye
1 Old Brom Res v Danson Sports 2
1 Belvedere First v Old Colfe Green 3

3 Bexley Res v Old Brom Res 2
3 FC Elmstead KCL v TenEmBee 6
2 Tudor Sports Res v Parkwood Rangers 0
6 Danson Sports v Old Colfe Green 2

4 Tudor Sports v Danson Sports 3
Bexley Reserves v Ten Em Bee

Tudor Sports Res v Bexley Res / Ten Em Bee

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