100 ways to end the season

With no Non League Football likely until March atleast the 2020/21 Season is looking unlikely to end in it’s traditional way. How will the leagues be decided if at all?

Here are 100 ways to end the season at Steps 3-6 – in no particular order….

1. Null and Void – Forget about football for now, write this season off and start the 2021/22 campaign in August as usual if possible.

2. Null and Void – Write the season off but if safe to do so have local inter-league competitions during March, April, May (if Safe) to get some football played and funds into clubs.

3. Complete the season when safe – No time scale on when it finishes. Continue in March, April, May if allowed and carry on in August, September etc if needed. This season finishes and we worry about next year at a later date.

4. Complete the season when safe but have a time scale on it. March, April, May etc is fine but it must not affect next season. Further rules like Null and Void or PPG will need to be brought in if we don’t complete the season to 100%.

5. Complete the season enough to get to a reasonable PPG cut off. – Play in March, April, May with the aim of getting to atleast a decent percentage of games played for PPG to decide the leagues. (Example 70%)

6. Decide on PPG now – Only played 20 or 30% of games? Not a problem, bring in PPG.

7. Decide on a combined PPG from 2019/20 and 2020/21 – Add the two years PPG totals together to get a result.

8. Use the 2019/20 Season’s PPG – Change of plan, it’s not Null and Void any more! Use last season’s PPG to decide the Leagues and for this year use solutions 1 or 2.

9. Play each side once. – Will need a limited amount of games to be played when safe to do so.

More ideas to follow as I think of them…

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