Bury FC denied National League System place

The FA have confirmed that Bury FC’s application to join the National League System [NLS] for the 2020/21 season has not been accepted by its Alliance Leagues Committee and this decision has now been ratified by The FA Council.

An FA Statement reads;

Both the application and additional information provided on behalf of Bury FC, including at a virtual meeting between the Alliance Leagues Committee and the Club, were considered thoroughly. However, the Alliance Leagues Committee’s decision not to accept the application was based on several different factors, including in relation to the Club’s financial resources, ownership and insolvency status.

This decision was not taken lightly as both The FA and its Alliance Leagues Committee recognise the history and standing of Bury FC. As a result, the Alliance Leagues Committee would welcome an application from the Club to join the NLS for the 2021/22 season and detailed guidance has been provided in relation to the various conditions that would be expected before one could be considered.

Bury FC were expelled from the from the EFL after going into administration in August 2019.

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