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Concord Rangers launch Free Official Club App

Concord Rangers have announced their official club app, which is the first FREE non-League club app EVER to be available.

The App has many features and is designed professionally so users can easily find themselves away around it and will be available on both IOS and Android.

Here are some of the features:

24/7 LIVE Radio, yes you heard that right. Concord Rangers will also be the first club Ever to have a radio running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, named ‘AbsoluteConcord’, Fans can listen to a wide range of music, shows from fans, interviews from previous games and lots lots more. On this player you’ll also soon be able to listen to LIVE matchday commentary.

TICKETS & CLUB SHOP– Order your tickets and club merchandise on our app, simply follow the instructions and purchase your tickets or gear to look the part. Save time in the queue.

BEACHBOYS LIVE CHAT- Want a fans perspective? No worries. Just ask one of your fellow fans on the app what they made of the game, communicate and share your thoughts and opionins!

ASPECT ARENA– Are you an away fan? Enjoy your away days? Read all the facts and stats about the Concord home aswell as getting directions from the sat nav to their club.

PLAYER PROFILES– Read up on all the Beachboys, there former clubs, important goal and lots lots more on our player profiles.

HIGHLIGHTS/ INTERVIEWS– Watch all the latest content from Beachboys TV this season by heading onto our ‘Video’ section on the app.

And there’s lots more but you’ll have to check it out yourself to look at the rest!

The club have also got a direct link to the website of their Club Charity Partners, The Indee Rose Trust, so you can take a look at the great work they’re doing.

Furthermore the club have installed a page for people suffering with mental health, as a club they feel they have the responsibility to offer as much help as they can. Therefore on their page they have made a list of contacts for people to contact if they’re wanting or feel they need help.

Also, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions by commenting on the ‘Review our app’ page.

Chairman, Ant Smith “I’m extremely excited that we will be one of only a couple of non league clubs to offer it.
Another example of how the club is progressing as a whole this season on and off the pitch”

Head of Media, Alfie Gates “In my opinion, this is a gamechanger for us, I’ve really enjoyed life at Concord so far and now having our own app has made it alot, lot better!

The club is doing great on and off the field, as the head of media I have a responsibility to profile the club as much as I can, after the release of the app, I’m confident I’m doing that. This is just the start, some of the content soon to come is unreal.

It’s really something special, our neighbours have released theres and yes it’s good but ours is free and what can you get for free nowadays? Respect to the chairman for not putting a price on this, another example of him showing his kindness to our fans”

For more from Concord Rangers please visit their website here

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