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Dartford unhappy with Season stop

Dartford have spoken of the club’s ‘great shock and disappointment’ over the decision to suspend the current National League South season.

In a severely disrupted 2020/21 campaign in which clubs in the division have played anywhere between 11 and 17 matches, the Darts currently lead the way.

Dartford have said in a statement: “The decision by the National League board to suspend the fixtures in the National League North and South (but not the top division) has come as a great shock and disappointment to all of us. It seems that the ‘vast’ majority of clubs in the North and South called for suspension; we were not one of them.

“Although not wanting to take on any type of loan as a club, and most certainly not wanting to rely on a loan to the league to be distributed fairly and equitably, we did very much want the league season to continue. We have been in contact with our Member of Parliament, Gareth Johnson, gaining his support in approaching the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

“The hope being that the second tranche of financial support can be in the form of grant aid (as with the first tranche) to avoid any clubs having to saddle themselves with debt to survive. This suspension may give time for theleague to negotiate a change to this funding channel, and for this reason, we support a temporary suspension.”

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