Greenwich Borough continue battle against former landlords

Greenwich Borough FC  have released an update of how matters currently lie within the Club at the moment.

Borough pulled out of the SCEFL Premier Division in January to enable themselves to fully concentrate with their legal battle against previous Landlords and Cray Valley PM.

The statement reads;

Greenwich Borough FC based in Eltham (30 year lease holders) had experienced serious crimes against them over the last 2 seasons, played out with the main culprit the Cray Valley owner (recently resigned and restricted from football activities) landlord at the Badgers Sports Ground, who ground shared with GBFC in season 18/19

Over the last 26 months an elaborate scam was carried out to extract monies from the new GBFC owners which involved the past management and the landlord with fraudulent leases and demands for funds in order to hoodwink the new management into submission. Non-stop drama including people with false claims that there were owed a load of money and defamation from people who used their look to gain the trust of others, but were merely small time criminals with an agenda to take over the club with many parties jostling to do the same thing.

Multiple illegal activities took place from scams with energy suppliers to bogus leases and contracts. Cultivating into an illegal eviction and attempt to wind up the club to cover up the crimes, the accountancy firm who filed false invoices to disrupt the club at kick off by a debt collector turning up. However they have all gone very quiet now and will be exposed as we go through the Higher Courts, because the club was told judges could be spoken to which led to cases being stuck off or struck out not to progress into the higher courts.

The landlord stole alcohol, money and equipment. The floodlights, stands and underground drainage belonging to the rightful new owners GBFC and the club will invite offers as Cray Valley shall be petitioned to be wound up for unpaid rent.

The landlord collected rent in season 18/19 on a year lease which he did not register in the league that they played in which is a breach of their security of tenure as they collected funds into their bank on that lease and sadly unlawfully evicted GBFC.
Cray Valley have refused to comment on paying their rent but will have to defend the petition in the courts. GBFC have called on many influential people of power to step in as court files have gone missing and court cases stuck in a system for two years without a listing, which was highly irregular under the circumstances.

However the new owners and management thoroughly investigated all the illegal shenanigans and successful proved that no rent was owed in the High Courts, Fetter Lane, the landlord had photocopied bank statements and an incorrect spreadsheet with civil servants standing back and assisting him and failing to report his crimes after reclaiming the bank statements last week for the business, all was revealed and since then GBFC have had no responses. The club had a bright future and was not destroyed, because of the incoming party, but most definitely by the outgoing party which has now all come out in the wash with hard factual evidence.

The directors were duped into paying £13,000 for two weeks player wages with players angry at the wrong people in what appeared that the accountant had backdated the director forms so that the club would be responsible for the wages. It was all setup so the incoming directors were easy to target and as the officials step in to execute breeches. The ex-directors have refused to pass comment apart from “I hope you die of cancer ” and the other one “is on the run” for his backdated fictious contracts created with an ex-player.

So GBFC are now in the process of recovering all losses from the fraudsters and are in talks with a US businessman to reinvest into the Borough and relaunch next season with no strings attached.

The book entitled Black Balled will also be published in the near future having secured a publishing deal that reveals the real life story of the deception and corruption embedded within the back story of a club, which was dragged through the mud by a greedy landlord and two destitute directors who couldn’t tell the players that could not afford it. This was not the first time they had financial issues as the manager previously, had left due to lack of funds

The Youtube channel will be launching, audio and video material in relation to the hard hitting book Black Balled.

Cray Valley continue to owe GBFC money and the video evidence of the removal of all items off site if failure to surrender all the goods in the official way. The audacity of CVPM FC to continue to train and use GBFC equipment is astonishing, but the reclaimed bank statements prove the full purchases something the ex directors tried very hard to suppress.

Watch this space for more factual updates.

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Author: Richard Pierre-Davis

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