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Hastings United give new stadium update

Hastings United have given an update on their plans for a new stadium at Tilekiln Park. The club expect to apply for full planning permission this summer, and, if all goes well, to be kicking off the 2022-23 season in their new home, which will be around two miles from the Pilot Field.

A statement on the club website reads;

Hastings United Football Club would like to reveal the latest CGI of The Tilekiln Football Park Project.

We can confirm that following our recent pre planning application the intention is for us to submit our full planning application this summer. With the application being successful, our goal is to then move into our new stadium by the start of the 2022/23 season.

It has been discussed for many years on why moving to a new stadium complex is the right step for Hastings United Football Club, however with the new facilities its one that will serve the community incredibly well across sports, fitness and education. State of the art facilities is what our town has been crying out for over the past two decades.

hastings stadium

Whilst stepping down as Chairman and Director of Hastings United Football Club, David Nessling has remained the lead consultant for the Tilekiln project, which has proven a full time job for David alongside Hastings United Owners Daren Burney and Peter Sherlock. On record all at the club would like to thank David for his continued importance to the project.

CEO, Billy Wood said, “From the club’s point of view we commend the amount of work all three have put in to the project way before my years here at the club. I know it’s been David Nessling’s long term goal for what is probably the past 15 years and I cannot praise enough his passion, desire and hours of work in driving this project with both Daren and Peter. Whilst David stepped away from the football club in September 2019 in hindsight it’s allowed him to work outside of the perimeters of the club and focus on this project, a blessing in disguise. I am proud to work with, spend time discussing with the owners and with the will and support of us all, the local community and the council we will deliver a project this town has never seen. Everybody knows the ambition and drive we have at Hastings United to build further strength with our locals. Our consistent goal since my arrival is to strive to be the leaders in the community and this project aids that like no other. Thank you Daren, Peter and David, it’s an honour to work alongside you as we all drive to deliver The Tilekiln Football Park Project.”

At this time we would like to thank Hastings Borough Council for their support to assist Hastings United in our relocation.

For more from Hastings United please visit their website here

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