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Hythe Town apologise for late Covid pull-out

Officials at Hythe Town have apologised to all supporters after their Isthmian League South East Division clash against Sittingbourne at Reachfields Stadium suffered a late postponement last night.

A statement which was posted on their club website said: “Hythe Town FC are obviously sorry that supporters of both clubs and neutrals were unable to get their football fix on Tuesday evening at Reachfields against Sittingbourne.

There were several stories going around immediately after the postponement but despite these “Chinese whispers” the truth is as simple and straightforward as this:

“Firstly, there never was any danger of the pitch being unplayable providing the weather forecast was anywhere near correct – which it was.

“Secondly, only one player had been tested for Covid19 at his workplace and despite having no symptoms whatsoever he received a positive result.

“On Monday Hythe Town FC contacted last Saturday’s opponents Haywards Heath and our next opponents Sittingbourne and put in a call to the League office who quoted the current FA advice which was to carry on playing whilst observing all of the precautions we have all become used to as a nation.

“As an extra precaution, our players took tests all of which so far have been negative, as have the tests taken by the affected player’s family.

“However, the match referee, whilst complimenting the club on taking this stance pointed out that a number of players who had NOT received their results should according to the law of the land, and despite them not having any symptoms, have gone into isolation.

“Of course, had they not taken this extra step all would have played against Sittingbourne and both the League and the FA would have been perfectly happy. Therefore, it was the players as a group wanting to make certain of things, and with the very best of intentions, that had created a situation that the referee felt powerless to ignore.

“That is where we are currently, and we will report to the League who will make any decision based on the evidence put before them.”

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