Keith McMahon calls for Referee’s Academy

VCD ATHLETIC manager Keith McMahon has launched a campaign for The Football Association to invest money to improve the standards of refereeing in the non-league game.

McMahon has voiced his concerns over the poor standards of refereeing at the lower levels alot this season, especially via his podcast and wants The Football Association to put money into the non-league game to improve standards.

“I want The FA to invest money into non-league referees,” said McMahon,
“The standard of referees at non-league level isn’t up to standard and I don’t think The FA are helping referees’ out.

“I want them to create Referee Academies so young referee’s are given a two-year full-time paid training scheme.

“This should be rolled out to every County FA so that over 200 referee’s are given this opportunity every two years.

“I want every County to have 21 referees that are split into seven teams of three. Each team would have matches that they have filmed and they would come back each week and go through the good points and mistakes and then go onto the pitch with the other 18 referees and re-enact the incidents practically.

“Also, I want them to set-up paid weekly training for established referee’s at non-league level so they can go to their County and have practical training.

“I want non-league managers, players, clubs, supporters, referees and League’s themselves to support this to make a change. Only we can make the difference to make The FA give non-league football the respect it deserves.”

He has made it clear that this is not an attack on the referees themselves but a bid to give them the support to improve their standards.

If you agree with his thoughts and wish to sign the petition click here

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