Sunday League

OBDSFL Senior Division PPG Table

That that football at all levels has been suspended and unlikely to restart, interested is growing as to how the FA or Leagues will decide how to finalise the campaign.
Nothing is more important than people’s health so the decision to stop playing is the right one but what happens next in regards to Titles, Promotions and Relegations?
People and Clubs have put a lot of effort into the last year and will be keen to find out who finished up on top, or bottom. What are the options?
The season could be voided, the table could finish how it appears now or Points Per Game could be used to determine the order, with all of them causing arguments but the latter surely being the fairest.

I discuss things further here but for now using my preferred option of PPG lets have a look at the top Division in Sunday League football in my area.

In the OBDSFL Senior Division the current table looks like this.

But as we see teams have played anywhere from between 5 and 12 games so it would be unfair if the table was left like this!

Here is the Points Per Game Table

Last update – 16th March

No Team Played Points PPG
1 SE Dons 5 12 2.40
2 Kenningwell 9 19 2.11
3 Portland 9 17 1.88
4 Farnboro OBG 12 19 1.58
5 Bickley 7 11 1.57
6 Groundhoppers 10 15 1.50
7 Lullingstone 11 14 1.27
8 Roca Seniors 9 11 1.22
9 Kumazi Strikers 11 13 1.18
10 Hatcham 8 8 1.00
11 Vista 9 3 0.33

Being the top Division in the OBDSFL promotion does not come into it so the season could be voided and it could be argued that it wouldn’t massively affect any of the teams involved, except the team at the top. The issue comes with the Divisions below and the fact that we will be denying teams of their deserved promotions if we just say this year never happened.
Arguments will come as the SE Dons have only played 5 games, which is fair, but also maybe they should not be penalised as that is not their fault.
I certainly think that PPG is the answer to the how we solve the situations in the leagues this season as it is the fairest solution to this most unique of problems.

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