Kent County League

Peckham plea to stop vandalism

Peckham Town have asked people to stop vandalising the facilities at their amateur football club.

The Kent County League Premier Division side play at two venues on Dulwich Common.

Chairman Bryan Hall insists damaging the clubs property during lockdown has to stop.

He plea via Twitter;

“We are a 100% volunteer run club, we love football and changing young people’s lives,” said Hall in a statement.

“The last few months have been really difficult for everyone. However, we are hurting so much with the massive increase in vandalism on our two sites.

“It’s not okay to break into our ground, have a picnic on the main pitch and then leave your litter – please stop!

“We spend many hours every week maintaining the main pitch to provide a quality surface for the best amateur players in South London.

“It’s not okay to climb on fragile roofs and smash up expensive goalposts. We pay for this equipment from the subs our players pay. Please don’t do this! Unsurprisingly, we want goals to kick into when football restarts!

“Please don’t dump rubble at our ground. If we have to pay for its removal then you are reducing the funds that we have to pay for football equipment for our young players. Please take your rubbish to the dump or wait until it reopens. We don’t want it!

“We would really prefer if you didn’t take down the advertising boards to make skateboard ramps. You shouldn’t be there anyway, but please stop damaging our signage. These cost money too.

“The training ground at Pynners is private so please don’t use it without permission.

“We need to monitor usage to protect the pitches. If you do break in, then NEVER drive your car on the pitches as it damages them really badly. Yes, this happened too.

“We usually prefer to keep issues like this private but it has become so bad that we need the community’s help. We can’t be there 24/7.”

The Peckham Town chairman has asked local residents to contact him if they see suspicious activity take place at The Menace Arena, 37 Dulwich Common and the training ground at Pynners, which is close by on the other side of the road.

The club are also searching for volunteers to help with the clear-up as well as when football returns.

Please visit Peckham Town’s Website here

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