Project Non League

With non-elite Non League football heading for another Null and Void ending a group of clubs are behind ‘Project Non League’ and an ending that would reward the most succesful clubs.

The plan would also allow for the FA’s restructure of non-league football to go ahead. The restructure – originally supposed to be in place for this current season – would see an eighth division created at step 4, an extra two divisions created at step 5 (from 14 to 16) and the reduction in divisions at step 6 (from 20 down to 17).

With the non-elite non-league season currently suspended due to the national lockdown, there are fears it will be cancelled by the FA for the second year running.

Here are the ‘Project Non League’ priorities;

– Do not declare the season null & void at any point
– Agree to PPG minimum % of games (66%)
– Play games, up to 3 times a week, until May 31st (if deemed safe)
– Where leagues complete 66%, promote & relegate as usual
– Where leagues are unable to hit 66%, restructure without relegation. Movement decided with clubs able to apply for promotion as per Women’s restructure from 19/20 season
– Whatever the scenario, FA to complete their restructure in summer

Take Null & Void OFF THE TABLE!

A further suggestion that is gaining popularity is to combine the 2019/20 and 2020/21 season results to give Clubs an overall PPG ranking. These could then be used to decide Promotion.

Aswell as a number of Clubs backing the scheme former pro’s like Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and Chris Sutton have leant it their support via Social Media.

The FA have sent Clubs a survey to gain their thoughts but with all Leagues at Steps 3 and 4 favouring the ‘Null and Void’ option it is looking likely that we will have another season of wasted hard work and money down the drain.

Please visit ‘Project Non League’ on Twitter here

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