Team Lists on Display

A plea from me to all Non League Clubs!

Please put a team list on display for all to see in the hour before kick-off!

Of course, many teams do this but you may be amazed at how many do not and I had to watch so many games last year without knowing the names of one or both of the teams players.

Whiteboard, Chalkboard, sheet pinned on the wall, it does not matter, whatever is easiest as long as we can see it and take a photo or make a note of who is playing. It does not matter how artistic or neat it is, names and numbers is all that is needed!

For Groundhoppers vloggers and bloggers it is an essential requirement to know who is playing. They will then in turn be able to promote the clubs alot better when they put their reports online.

Most clubs do this and some also put it online in some form which is excellent. I just wish all would do the same.

This will be increasingly important as programmes with squad lists begin to disappear.

Please, it makes a big difference!

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