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Welling keen to continue with loan offer

In an open letter to fellow National League clubs, Welling United have stated their position on finishing the season:

Dear All Chairperson/Club Secretaries,

On behalf of Welling United Football Club, we feel privileged to be granted elite status as a club playing in the National League South and extremely grateful for the grants provided to date by the Government authorities, the Football Foundation and the National League to enable us to continue to play behind closed doors up to now.

After lobbying to become an elite club, it is our opinion that we need to act as such and respect with integrity the outcome of the current offer and with the utmost appreciation accept the loans being made available to help us finish this season with pride that we are part of an elite competition and so fortunate to be able to provide something positive to our local communities in this most difficult time.

It is our belief that to not finish the season now would be inexcusable having accepted the grants to date and the Government funds could have been provided to much greater causes in the event our season now becomes null and void.

We only hope that other clubs in our own National League South and those that share our privileged status in the National League and the National League North see fit to share our sentiments.

Whatever the outcome, we send our very best wishes to all our colleagues and supporters in football to be well and stay safe during this difficult period.

Mark Goldberg
Welling United Football Club

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