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Westwood parts ways with Horsham

Horsham FC’s assistant manager Adam Westwood has announced he is leaving the club.

Westwood has worked for many years with Dominic Di Paola and joined the Hornets as a first-team coach back in 2015, before he became assistant manager two years later.

Speaking about his departure on the club’s website, Westwood said: “I just want to thanks the fans for their support at home, but especially away.

“They’re the games that stick in my memory as that’s when the fans lift you if you’re down, when they jump on the coach with you, or catch the train, and make a day of it. That’s what I’ll miss most.

“I’ll also miss the players, and the people at the tea bar or in the committee room who I had a good chat with every home game, and just the whole matchday experience.”

He continued: “Maybe I need a new challenge, and if the right job comes along I’ll snap it up, but if it doesn’t I’ll just concentrate on my golf, and that’s where I’m at, at the moment.

“I’m certainly not going to jump into a job that probably wouldn’t suit me. If something comes up that I fancy and it works for both sides, I’ll do it, but if not I’ll just come and watch a game and see a few friends that I haven’t seen play for ages.

“I have lots and lots of good memories, the play-off final probably the best.

“We’d worked really hard that season, went into it hoping we’d get top ten, but finished second, and if we started the season better, we could have probably maybe even topped the league.

“But the play-off final was worth it all and I’d do it all again for five years if I could have that night again.”

And Di Paola is grateful for Westwood’s contributions. He told the club’s website: “It’s a changing of the guard really.

“He’s been with us a long time and been a massive part of everything we’ve done so it’s always hard when people step away.

“Assistants don’t get the credit they deserve at times. It’s hard work what we do and it can leave you quite jaded. It’s all well and good people patting me on the back all the time but he’s done a lot of work behind the scenes so deserves a lot of credit.”

The club tweeted: “dam’s been a crucial asset to our management team, helping us earn two promotions in the past five years as we’ve returned to the Isthmian Premier. Thank you for everything @adamwest71. We hope to see you back down as a fan next season!”

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