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Ashford United welcome Bowden-Brown as Director of Football

Ashford United have announced that Paul Bowden-Brown has been appointed as Director of Football at the Isthmian South East Club.

Bowden-Brown was Maidstone United Chairman when they shared Homelands with Ashford Town and after leaving the U’s in 2010 he played a key role in the change of Ashford from Town to United. He is now banned from attending Maidstone’s Gallagher Stadium.

After a year with Ashford he joined Thamesmead Town in 2012 – who he folded in 2018 and 8 days later joined Ramsgate.

After 2 unsuccessful years with the Rams he retired to watch football with his friends, but that clearly didn’t take long and he has now resurfaced again at cash-strapped Ashford.

In a long statement Chairman Don Crosbie tries to justify the strange move:

“Following the announcement that Paul Bowden-Brown had decided to step down from his duties at Ramsgate Football Club It was universally agreed here at AUFC that Paul still had lots to offer in Football terms even at 74 years of age. Ashford United who have had great association with Paul over the years, and myself have known Paul personally in football for many years and indeed assisted Paul when he was Chairman of Maidstone United.

“During the years Paul was battling hard for Maidstone to build their own stadium I negotiated to allow Maidstone to ground share here at Homelands and of course Maidstone went on to their great new stadium at The Gallagher which was a fantastic achievement. Ashford United football Club is committed to pressing for promotion and also developing a youth system second to none. Football at grassroots level is tough and without commitment from unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly on behalf of the club to produce future stars as well as healthy adults in our local community Football would not exist at the level we are achieving.

“We are therefore delighted to welcome Paul Bowden-Brown to the club to assist in our push for promotion and strengthen up our youth football stream. We have long been campaigning for grassroots football to be rewarded when football league clubs benefit from our years of nurturing young local talent only to receive a pat on the back from the FA. Paul has been involved on six occasions whereby promotion has been achieved and by maintaining a strict code of spending keeping within ones means and not like so many clubs chase the dream and allowing spending to go above agreed financial constraints.

“Tommy Warrilow we believe is the best non league Manager to steer our path onwards and upwards and has worked alongside Paul during very difficult times and we as a club believe we now have a management team second to none to take our great club forward. The knowledge one acquires through years of ups and downs in life especially through the darkest times is knowledge and wisdom one can’t get without living the journey. Mistakes and grief produce wisdom far more than success and stress free travelling but if you marry the two you have immense wisdom and knowledge which should be imparted to all in your circle and suddenly success appears easier and far more achievable.

“Ashford United football club are out to achieve the success we all believe is achievable and Paul Bowden-Brown is joining our board as Director of Football to help grow our great club. Ashford United will prove that success can be made without breaking the bank and use all of our knowledge and wisdom over the years to achieve greatness. Tommy Warrilow almost proved this in his first season back at the club with a reduced budget taking us from mid table in the league to play off finalists runners up after extra time.

“So Ashford United would like everyone to welcome Paul to our club and lets all look forward to a successful season 2021/22 and indeed for the future of all Ashford Senior and Youth football teams both male and female.

“Onwards & Upwards”
Don Crosbie

If Ashford are still around in August the season kicks off on the 14th.


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