Boreham Wood Chairman prioritises the Club

Boreham Wood chairman Danny Hunter says he has had to remortgage his house to help the National League club cope with the financial effects of coronavirus.

The Hertfordshire side, fifth in the table, had voted for no play-offs, but will compete in them if clubs agree to end the season using points per game.

It will require Boreham Wood to pay for testing and take players off furlough.

“The one thing the pandemic has brought for me was a new social responsibility,” Hunter said.

He told BBC Three Counties Radio: “I’ve had to remortgage my house, I’ve deferred the tax and taken a business interruption loan, but I did say my first priority was to keep people safe.

“I felt that my life’s been intertwined with Boreham Wood, so it wasn’t a difficult decision for me.”

Hunter has been chairman for 21 years while his father has previously managed them.

National League clubs had been given until Monday to vote on how to resolve the season but a delay in issuing the papers means the date has been pushed back, with Barrow still waiting to hear if they will be promoted to the English Football League.

Asked what his partner made of his decision to remortgage the house, Hunter joked: “She put me in a headlock and told me I was wrong – and I went along and did it anyway”.

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