ConIFA World Cup 2018 – Fixtures/Results

Fixtures for the ConIFA World Cup

Thursday 31 May

12pm, (Sutton United FC): Ellan Vannin 4-1 Cascadia (Group A)

12pm, (Enfield Town FC): Abkhazia 3-0 Tibet (Group B)

12pm, (Haringey Borough FC): Székely Land 4-0 Tuvalu (Group C)

12pm, (Carshalton Ath FC): United Koreans in Japan 0-0 Western Armenia (Group D)

3pm, (Enfield Town FC): Northern Cyprus 1-1 Karpatalya (Group B)

3pm, (Sutton United FC): Padania 6-1 Matabeleland (Group C)

3pm, (Slough Town FC): Panjab 8-0 Kabylia (Group D)

7pm, (Bromley FC): 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup Opening Ceremony

8pm, (Bromley FC): Barawa 4-0 Tamil Eelam (Group A)

Friday 1 June

Rest day

Saturday 2 June

2pm, (Carshalton Athletic FC): Barawa 1-2 Cascadia (Group A)

2pm, (Enfield Town FC): Abkhazia 0-2 Karpatalya (Group B)

2pm: (Haringey Borough FC): Székely Land 5-0 Matabeleland (Group C)

2pm, (Bracknell Town FC): United Koreans in Japan 0-0 Kabylia (Group D)

5pm, (Carshalton Athletic FC): Ellan Vannin 2-0 Tamil Eelam (Group A)

5pm, (Enfield Town FC): Northern Cyprus 3-1 Tibet (Group B)

5pm: (Haringey Borough FC): Padania 8-0 Tuvalu (Group C)

5pm, (Slough Town FC): Panjab 0-1 Western Armenia (Group D)

Sunday 3 June

3pm: (Haringey Borough FC): Barawa 2-0 Ellan Vannin (Group A)

3pm, (Fisher FC): Tamil Eelam 0-6 Cascadia (Group A)

3pm, (Enfield Town FC): Abkhazia 2-2 Northern Cyprus (Group B)

3pm, (Bracknell Town FC): Karpatalya 5-1 Tibet (Group B)

6pm, (Haringey Borough FC): Tuvalu 1-3 Matabeleland (Group C)

6pm, (Bedfont Sports FC): Padania 3-1 Székely Land (Group C)

6pm, (Enfield Town FC): Western Armenia 4-0 Kabylia (Group D)

6pm, (Slough Town FC): Panjab 1-1 United Koreans in Japan (Group D)

Monday 4 June

Rest day

Tuesday 5 June

3pm, (Sutton United FC): Quarter-Final A (Barawa 0-8 Northern Cyprus)

3pm, (Bracknell Town FC): Quarter-Final B (Padania 2-0 Panjab)

3pm, (Bromley FC): Quarterfinal A for Places 9-16 (Walkover 0-3 Tibet)

3pm, (Enfield Town FC): Quarterfinal B for Places 9-16 (Matabeleland 0-0p Kabylia)

6pm, (Sutton United FC): Quarter-Final C (Cascadia 1-3 Karpatalya)

6pm, (Bromley FC): Quarter-Final D (Szekely Land 4-0 Western Armenia)

6pm, (Aveley FC): Quarterfinal C for Places 9-16 (Tamil Eelam 0-6 Abkhazia)

6pm, (Bracknell Town FC): Quarterfinal D for Places 9-16 (Tuvalu 0-5 United Koreans in Japan)

Wednesday 6 June

Rest day

Thursday 7 June

12pm, (Aveley FC): Semifinal A for Places 13-16 (Walkover 0-3 Matabeleland)

12pm, (Sutton United FC): Semifinal B for Places 13-16 (Tamil Eelam 4-3 Tuvalu)

12pm, (Enfield Town FC): Semifinal A for Places 9-12  (Tibet 1-8 Kabylia)

12pm, (Bromley FC): Semifinal B for Places 9-12(Abkhazia 2-0 U.K.I.Japan)

3pm, (Sutton United FC): Semifinal A for Places 5-8 (Barawa 0-3 Panjab)

3pm, (Bromley FC): Semifinal B for Places 5-8 (Cascadia 3-0 Western Armenia)

5pm, (Carshalton Athletic FC): Semifinal A (Northern Cyprus 3-2 Padania)

8pm, (Carshalton Athletic FC): Semifinal B (Karpatalya 4-2 Szekely Land)

Friday 8 June

Rest day

Saturday 9 June

12pm, (Bedfont Sports FC): 15th/16th Placement Game (Walkover 1-6 Tuvalu)

12pm, (Aveley FC): 13th/14th Placement Game (Matabeleland 1-0 Tamil Eelam)

12pm, (Fisher FC): 11th/12th Placement Game (Tibet 1-1p U.K.I.Japan)

3pm, (Haringey Boro): 9th/10th Placement Game (Kabylia 0-2 Abkhazia)

3pm, (Aveley FC): 7th/8th Placement Game (Barawa 0-7 W.Armenia)

3pm, (Fisher FC): 5th/6th Placement Game (Cascadia 3-3p Panjab)

3pm, (Enfield Town FC): Third Place Play-Off (Padania p0-0 Szekely Land)

6pm, (Enfield Town FC): Grand Final (Northern Cyprus 0-0p Karpatalya)

Karpatalya win the 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup

8.30pm, (Enfield Town FC): 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup Closing Ceremony

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