Kent County League

Hospitals Charity Cup 2018-19

Hospitals Charity Cup


Senior Division

Holders: Sporting Club Thamesmead F C

1. Kent Football United 2-2p Tudor Sports
2. Bridon Ropes AWA Stansfeld
3. Sutton Athletic 5-1 Holmesdale
4. Sporting Club Thamesmead  2-1 Bromleians
5. Erith & Belvedere  4-1 Meridian VP

Byes: Phoenix Sports Reserves, FC Elmstead, Forest Hill Park

Quarter Finals

5. SC Thamesmead 1-5 Sutton Athletic
6. Stansfeld 3-2 Tudor Sports
7.  FC Elmstead 2-3 Erith & Belvedere
8. Phoenix Sports Reserves 0-1 Forest Hill Park


9. Stansfeld 2-7 Sutton Athletic
10. Erith & Belvedere 1-0 Forest Hill Park

FINAL Park View Road – 13th May – 7.30pm K.O

11. Erith & Belvedere 5-3 Sutton Athletic

Junior Division

Winners: Halls AFC

Another successful season has come to and end, I am pleased to say that their will be a £2,400 donation to the Kent Air Ambulance, due to two well supported finals.

For more from the Kent County League please visit their website here

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