Isthmian League

Margate in agreement with League break

Isthmian League Premier Division club Margate has issued the following statement:

“Following the latest update from the Isthmian League with regards to the continued pause of the 2020/21 season, the club wanted to issue a statement to affirm our position.

As a club, we support the decision the league has taken in continuing to pause fixtures at this point in time.

Considering all the facts, firstly from a safety perspective and then secondly from a financial standpoint, it is necessary to suspend football and wait for the review in early January.

We also welcome the League’s acknowledgement that at least 14 days’ notice will be needed when the time is right to reconvene.

The club would like to take this opportunity to wish supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Never have we known or witnessed a festive period like it at our club but we remain hopeful and optimistic for a better 2021 and one filled with more football than the last nine months.”

Margate vice-chairman, Ricky Owen said: “We know how important the club is to the local community and we want to re-open as soon as possible. However, we also have a social responsibility to look after the community, as well as all of our staff and players. The League have made the right call at this point”.

Manager Jay Saunders is also in agreement with the League’s decision:

“Given the current situation, I believe this is the safest decision and we should stick with the planned pause in the season. My staff, players and I are all desperate to return to playing but we can’t let this cloud the situation we are currently in across Kent and the South East.

“I hope football can return safely soon with enough time to prepare the players for a busy fixture schedule which in itself is something the League will need to think about over the upcoming weeks.”

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