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National League restart on hold

The outcome of the National League season will be shaped by the English Football League, with no decision made until next week at the earliest.

It follows a board meeting on Tuesday, during which a range of views were put forward by 65 of the 68 clubs that make up its three divisions.

The National League is keen to keep its two promotion places into the EFL.

Meanwhile, a number of clubs do not wish to give up on the possibility of playing the play-offs.

The National League, which brought its season to an early conclusion on 22 April, is unable to make a clear decision until they see what the EFL decides.

For instance if the EFL does not complete its season then Stevenage are likely to avoid relegation, with only one team coming up from the National League.

However, the National League board has not yet ruled out the possibility of expunging all results and following the same pattern as steps three to seven of the non-league system.

As it stands, all matches have to be played before 1 June unless the National League seeks an extension from the FA Council.

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