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Salary Cap proposed for National League

Discussions are being held about introducing a salary cap in the National League, it is understood.

A figure of £900,000 for the National League and £700,000 for the National League North/South divisions has been suggested, but the final totals are yet to be confirmed.

It is hoped these figures are high enough to tempt clubs to vote in favour and representatives from around a dozen teams are looking at ways at how it might work.

Some, like Chesterfield, had a seven-figure wage bill last season but most will be considerably reduced for the upcoming campaign.

The proposal will be submitted to the National League board this week.

The group is considering how parachute payments for clubs relegated from the Football League would fit into the salary cap.

It is proposed that a salary cap officer role is created to monitor costs.

The group believe this is the right time to introduce a salary cap with Championship, League One and League Two clubs also discussing options.

Reports suggest Championship clubs will limit spending on wages at £18m, League One at £2.5m and League Two at £1.25m.

Speaking about it last month, PFA chairman Gordon Taylor, said: “Clearly, we don’t want to see clubs go bust and we don’t want to see another Bury happen. Wages need to be at a sustainable level, we know what can be sustained and what can’t be and there are lessons to be learned from Bury and other cases.

“But when we’re talking about caps for each division, it moves matters to the lowest common denominator and that’s not fair on those innovative, well-managed clubs who are prepared to have a go within their means.”

Taylor also warned that restrictions would serve as a deterrent to future investors, adding: “There are potential owners out there who want to invest in clubs because football still has that attraction. That needs to remain an option. You don’t want to find people who have been successful in business feeling deterred by such restrictions.”

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