Sin Bins extended to all ‘Step 7 and below’ Leagues

During last season Sin Bins have been trialed in a number of Step 7 leagues throughout the country- but now it has been announced that it will be rolled out across all Step 7 leagues for 2019/20.

Last year the International Football Association Board (IFAB) offered National Associations the ability to implement changes in rules at the grassroots level. Since then, the FA has been piloting the temporary dismissal scheme across 31 leagues in the country.

From 2019/20, temporary dismissals will become a permanent feature of the grassroots landscape for all leagues at Step 7 and below in the men’s game as well as Tier 5 and below of the women’s pyramid.

“Sin bins” only apply to yellow cards shown for dissent, and see players leave the field for 10 minutes.

‘Sin bins’ have so far proved a success in tackling dissent on the pitch. The nationwide trials that took place in both the men’s and women’s game throughout the 2017/18 season demonstrated the following:

25 leagues showed an overall reduction in dissent

38 per cent reduction in dissent across all leagues

72 per cent of players wanted to continue with the scheme

77 per cent of managers and/or coaches wanted to continue with the scheme

84 per cent of referees wanted to continue with the scheme

If proving successful the plan is to bring to Step 5 and below from the 2020-21 Season before working it’s way up the footballing pyramid.

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