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Step 2 Clubs react to Null and Void decision

Following the National League’s decision to Null and Void the 2020-21 season at Step 2 Clubs have reacted in differing ways to Thursday’s announcement.

Clubs in the National League North and South have spent the past few weeks voting on whether the campaign should be made extinct and by a majority of 24 to 19, Null and Void won the day.

The National League will now take that resolution outcome to the FA for ratification.

Here we have a look at the thoughts of those Clubs that have released statements either on their Social Media or Websites.

National League South

Dorking Wanderers

League Pos – 1

“We would like to confirm that we are extremely disappointed with the outcome.”

“We are at an absolute loss to understand why a resolution would be brought forward that seeks to protect correctly the survival of member clubs, without any consideration being given to the impact on the clubs that need the competition to continue.”

Dartford FC

League Pos – 2

“This just goes to show that the league rules are flawed,  where a vast minority of clubs can defeat the majority  opinion.”

“We have been quite open in our opinion that we all play in the National League and should be treated as one league.”

Eastbourne Borough

League Pos – 3

“As a board of Directors we are as disappointed with this as I’m sure you all are. We will take time to digest and try to understand how this can be correct when there is a majority vote across all divisions to continue, and a majority vote across our own division to continue.”

St Albans City

League Pos – 5

“This Club did not want this to happen and the Directors have been fighting very hard in recent weeks to try and ensure that the league competition would continue and the outcome of the season could be determined on the field of play.”

Hampton & Richmond

League Pos – 6

“We voted for the season to end, as financially it is not viable to play games with no income. ”

“No matter where we found money from, with nothing coming in, we would simply waste that money. Sadly, it was a no brainer and we had to vote to end the season.”

Ebbsfleet United

League Pos – 8

“The club is extremely disappointed with today’s outcome.”

“A great deal of work, time, resources and a substantial amount of care and commitment has been invested in this season to date and as we made clear in previous statements on the matter, our preference was for clubs who wanted to continue to be able to do so.”

Maidstone United

League Pos – 11

“For the majority of clubs in National League North and South my sense is that tonight’s news will come as a huge relief. The financial grim reaper was circling and several well run clubs were teetering on the edge of financial ruin, the worst kind of defeat that could befall them.”

Dulwich Hamlet

League Pos – 12

“The right decision for the future of our clubs.”

Tonbridge Angels

League Pos – 14

“It is of course a matter of record that Tonbridge Angels voted to end the season.”

“For us it was a simple case of economics.”

“Let us say straightaway there is no sense of victory or celebration today. There are no winners emerging from this extraordinary few months and whilst mistakes may have been made this is not the moment for recriminations or accusations.”

Billericay Town

League Pos – 15

“Really disappointed that the league has been stopped and we can’t continue.”

“Absolute shambles!”

“However, we have to get on with it and all being well we’ll start again next season back to normal.”

Concord Rangers

League Pos – 17

“We will take the decision on the chin and move on.”

“Yes I am angry with clubs voting strategically and yes I do expect money to be found for the National League to conclude”

Slough Town

League Pos – 20

“We are greatly relieved at the outcome of The National League’s written resolutions, as continuing the season would have put our club at significant risk, but we are saddened that it has come to this.”

“Ultimately, we all want to be playing football. That is, after all what the club exists for – but it must be in a safe environment and one that does not put us under any undue financial stress which jeopardises our future.”

National League North

Gloucester City

League Pos – 1

“Disappointing is the word of the day… but we’re never out the fight. I can confirm that we have now formally started legal action at Gloucester City against the ‘null and void’ outcome. This isn’t to make club play on, its to allow promotion and relegation.”

AFC Fylde

League Pos – 2

“In light of yesterday’s resolution, we are deeply disappointed with the outcome.”

“We firmly believe that there is an alternative solution. Our stance is unchanged and we will fight to continue the 20/21 National League North season.”

Chester FC

League Pos – 3

“While we believe this is the correct outcome and the most appropriate way to ensure the survival of the 43 clubs in the North and South divisions, there is a sense of great frustration at the events that brought us here.”

Boston United

League Pos – 6

“While respecting the outcome of the vote that was announced earlier, we are extremely disappointed that the season has been declared null and void. We voted to continue believing, on balance, this was the right thing to do in the circumstances.

York City

League Pos – 8

“We are bitterly disappointed at the outcome of the vote and know our supporters will share in that sentiment.”

AFC Telford United

League Pos – 14

“Although we welcome this news as a football club, because it gives certainty, we will now need a little bit of time to digest the news and work on a plan as a way we can move forward to ensure we secure the future of AFC Telford United and make sure we are in a position to start the 2021/22 campaign, which we will be.”

Curzon Ashton

League Pos – 16

“Disappointing given the nature with which it begun but the only sensible decision given the circumstances.”

“Bring on 2021/22 when we can hopefully see everyone back in the stadium.”



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