Step 7 Promotion Applicants list

The FA have announced the National League System applicants seeking promotion from Step 7 to 6.

They have received applications from 52 clubs operating at Step 7 who have applied to be considered for promotion at the end of the 2018-19 season, with each Step 7 division being capable of producing one candidate.

Each application will now be assessed to validate the eligibility of each club from a ground grading, ground-sharing (i.e. must be in the same ground next season as the whole of the 2018-19 season) and regulatory point of view.

Here is the list of the 52 teams applicants:

For the Kent area we have Staplehurst Monarchs United and Peckham Town applying for promotion to the SCEFL but also need to look at Westside FC as they groundshare with AFC Croydon Athletic.

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