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Tamplin to leave Billericay? Probably not!

It looks like Glenn Tamplin will be sticking around at Billericay after all, after comments he made after their win at Hemel Hempstead this weekend.

“I made a mistake letting Harry Wheeler go. I have tried to get him back, but he doesn’t want to come back – I understand that. I have apologised to him in person, I have sacked him and I shouldn’t have done. I will learn from it and it won’t happen again.

“Until I meet an investor who is willing to take this club through the leagues I can’t leave,” he added.

“I made a promise to the fans, and it looks as though I’m going to stay because I can’t find anyone who is willing to put their hands in their pocket.

“I won’t hand the club to anyone who will let the club sit in this league and not continue the dream that I have sold.

“If in three weeks I haven’t found someone, then I will see the job through.”

This came after announcing via the club website last week that he will be selling up and on his way


“It is with deep regret that I have no choice but to cut my ties with Billericay Town Football Club. The club is now up for sale with immediate effect.

I can take the personal abuse but now it has started to affect my health and my family. For me it has now crossed the line.

When I initially bought the club, my intentions were always to leave a lasting legacy for the people of Billericay to have a great community club to be proud of, and I hope that when the people of Billericay look back they can see that I have achieved some of the intentions I set out to achieve with the club.

For me the final nail in the coffin was yesterday at the Woking game where I was informed at the ground, after the match, that the police wanted to talk to me regarding a complaint from a fan that that I had been using cocaine. After speaking to the police they were satisfied that the complaint was unfounded, although angry and upset I felt that was the end of the matter.

However, 20 minutes after I had left I was pulled over by the police. Bizarrely I was once again questioned regarding the complaint. This lead to my two young children who were with me becoming absolutely terrified and in floods of tears in the back of my car. Again, after assisting the police in every way possible I was again allowed to continue my journey home.

This I hope goes some way to clarify the social media backlash I received from people, including Billericay fans, after my national league post-match interview with comments regarding me being ‘off my face’ etc

My last actions will be to find suitable investors that will be able to run the Billericay Town and also to try my hardest to reinstate Harry Wheeler as manager of this great club.

Thank you to all the fans that have stuck by me through thick and thin I will look back at the treble winning season with fond memories of a momentous time in the clubs history.”

Billericay are one of the favourites for the title in the National League South, to visit their website click here

Picture credit Nicky Hayes and Billericay FC

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