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Ebbsfleet United respond to player statement

Ebbsfleet United have apologised after their first-team players were left unpaid in January amongst other issues.

The squad released a statement on Friday revealing they had only been paid on time once in the last 12 months and claimed they unknowingly played matches earlier this season without the right medical insurance in place, although the club say they were insured.

The National League side were still waiting for their January wages, which have now been paid, but also pension payments, that have not been met.

The club has now clarified their financial position in a statement on their website: “First and foremost we would like to apologise for the situation. There are a range of complex and frustrating circumstances that have led to this and we are doing everything we can to rectify cash flow and reduce the potential for such situations to reoccur.

“In respect of wages: all management, players and club staff have now been paid in full for January 2019. We deeply regret payments have been delayed. The club wanted to be certain this had been fulfilled before making any comment.

“In terms of medical insurance, our insurers have confirmed that all playing staff were fully covered throughout the period in question (December 2018). At no time were any players at risk of playing matches uninsured.

“On the matter of pension contributions, the club acknowledges there are outstanding contributions which we are addressing with Now:Pensions Ltd (the club’s workplace pensions provider) to resolve to the satisfaction of all our staff and players.

“We regret the problems created by these issues but we want to reassure supporters – and in particular our players and staff – that their concerns will be resolved as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we wish to thank all players, staff and their families for their understanding and patience to this point and for the very considerable efforts and loyalty shown to the club throughout this period.”

For more from Ebbsfleet Utd please visit their website here

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